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Key warning symptoms:

  • Brown spots

  • Mosaic

  • Deformation

  • Chlorosis

  • Mottle

  • Necrotic spots

  • Stunting

Tomatoes are vulnerable to a large number of diseases. Many of them can be acquired from or transmitted to ornamental plants growing in the same environment.

Fungal Diseases - PCR

  • Alternaria alternata (Stem canker/black mold rot/black shoulder)

  • Alternaria solani (Early blight) 

  • Colletotrichum spp. (Col) (Anthracnose)

  • Colletotrichum coccodes (Anthracnose)

  • Botrytis cinerea (Bc) (Gray mold)

  • Fusarium oxysporum f.sp. lycopersici (Fol) (Fusarium wilt)

  • Leveillula taurica (Powdery mildew)

  • Oidiopsis sicula (Powdery mildew)

  • Phytophthora capsici (Buckeye fruit/root rot)

  • Phytophthora infestans (Pi) (Late blight)

  • Phytophthora spp. (Phyt) (Buckey fruit and root rot)

  • Pyrenochaeta lycopersici (Pl) (Tomato corky root rot/Vine decline)

  • Pyrenochaeta terrestris (Pt) (Tomato corky root rot/Vine decline)

  • Pythiumspp spp. (Pyth) (Damping-off/fruit rot)

  • Pythium aphanidermatum (Damping-off/fruit rot)

  • Pythium ultimum (Damping-off/fruit rot)

  • Rhizoctonia solani (Rs) (Damping-off/fruit rot)

  • Rhizopycnis vagum (Rv) (Tomato corky root rot/Vine decline)

  • Sclerotinia sclerotiorum (White mold)

  • Stemphylium botryosum (Black mold rot/gray leaf spot)

  • Verticillium dahlia (Vd) (Verticillium wilt)

  • Verticillium albo-atrum (Vaa) Verticillium wilt)


Bacterial Diseases

  • Clavibacter michiganensis ELISA

  • Pectobacterium (Erwinia) atrosepticum(Patro) PCR

  • Pectobacterium (Erwinia) carotovorum(Pc) (Bacterial stem rot and fruit rot) PCR

  • (Pseudomonas)solanacearum(Rs) (Bacterial wilt) ELISA

  • Pseudomonas syringae pv. syringae (leaf spot) PCR

  • Pseudomonas syringae pv. tomato (Bacterial speck) PCR

  • Xanthomonas campestris pv. vesicatoria (Bacterial spot) PCR

Tomato Virus Screen

  • Alfalfa mosaic virus (AMV) ELISA

  • Cucumber mosaic virus (CMV) ELISA

  • Impatiens necrotic spot virus (INSV) ELISA

  • Pepino mosaic virus (PepMV) ELISA

  • Potato spindle tuber viroid (PSTVd) RT-PCR

  • Potato virus X (PVX) ELISA

  • Potato virus Y (PVY) ELISA

  • Potyvirus group test (Poty) PCR

  • Tobacco mosaic virus (TMV) ELISA

  • Tobacco ringspot virus (TRSV) ELISA

  • Tomato bushy stunt virus (TBSV) ELISA

  • Tomato mosaic virus (ToMV) ELISA

  • Tomato ringspot virus (ToRSV) ELISA

  • Tomato spotted wilt virus (TSWV) ELISA


Other virus tests available for tomato

  • Arabis mosaic virus (ArMV) ELISA

  • Beet curly top virus (BCTV) ELISA

  • Beet western yellows virus (BWYV) ELISA

  • Carlavirus group test (CarLa) PCR

  • Luteovirus group test (Luteo) PCR

  • Nepovirus group test (Nepo)  PCR

  • Peanut stunt virus (PSV) ELISA

  • Pelargonium zonate spot virus (PZSV) ELISA

  • Pepper mottle virus (PepMoV) ELISA

  • Potato leaf roll virus (PLRV) ELISA 

  • Potato spindle tuber viroid (PSTVd)  ELISA

  • Potexvirus group test (Potex) PCR

  • Raspberry ringspot virus (RpRSV)  ELISA

  • Ribgrass mosaic virus (RMV) ELISA

  • Strawberry latent ringspot virus (SLRSV) ELISA

  • Tobacco etch virus (TEV) ELISA

  • Tobacco rattle virus (TRV)  PCR

  • Tobacco streak virus (TSV) ELISA

  • Tobamovirus group test (Tobamo) PCR

  • Tomato aspermy virus (TAV) ELISA

  • Tomato bushy stunt virus (TBSV) ELISA

  • Tomato chlorotic spot virus (TCSV) ELISA



  • Phytoplasma (Phyto) PCR

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