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PRICING* (Canadian Dollars)

Bacterial and Fungal Diseases

  • Disease Screen:

    • $165.90 and up

  • Specified Pathogens:

    • $49.60 for the first pathogen

    • $16.50 each additional pathogen

  • Viruses by ELISA:

    • $66.15 for the first virus

    • $11.05 each additional virus

      Results in 3-5 days

* Prices are subject to change without notice.



Pathogen ImmunoStrip® Tests

For onsite – in the field – plant pathogen testing


  • Easy-to-use format, anyone can test!

  • Test on-site with results available to you right in the field

  • Results are fast and visible within minutes

  • Test available for more than 50 pathogens


  • Dependent on pathogen

  • Follow link below for product pricing

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