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A&L Labs have added Cannabis Downy Mildew testing to their Cannabis Disease Diagnostics Services

LONDON, ONTARIO -- SEPTEMBER 22, 2021 -- A&L Canada Laboratories ("A&L") is pleased to announce the addition of Cannabis Downy Mildew testing to their Cannabis Disease Diagnostics Services ( Cannabis Downy Mildew, caused by Pseudoperonospora cannabina, is a significant pathogen now identified in Canada. A&L is one of the only diagnostic laboratories able to accurately diagnose this pathogen by PCR technology enabling clients to receive results within 3 - 5 business days.

"Downy Mildew in cannabis is a very serious and costly issue. The disease appears as irregularly shaped brown spots on leaves with patches of green or yellow halo," said Dr, Keri Wang, Microbiology Laboratories Director, Senior Scientist, A&L Canada Laboratories Inc. "The disease is primarily spread through spores and prefers high humidity and moderate temperatures. Without proper prevention or treatment, the entire plant can be lost."

The addition of Cannabis Downy Mildew further expands the range of pathogens A&L now tests for in cannabis. A&L recently added diagnostic capability for Beet Curly Top Virus as well as Hop Latent Viroid in the past 2 years. Such pathogens are becoming quite significant to cannabis production across North America. As an example, Hop Latent Viroid has been spreading rapidly and recently reported in 90% of California cannabis facilities A&L recommends testing early in the growth cycle so preventative measures can be taken. Cannabis Downy Mildew diagnosis will be offered as a single pathogen analysis and included in the broader Cannabis Leaf Disease Scan.

"A&L is committed to supporting cannabis producers and we are continually broadening and refining our services to the industry," said Nevin McDougall, President and CCO of A&L Canada Laboratories Inc. "Our in-house team of scientists have years of experience with plant disease testing that will benefit our cannabis clients."

A&L Canada Laboratories been providing Plant Disease Diagnostics (PDD) for over thirty years in horticultural and greenhouse crops. A&L offers complete pest diagnosis and services for the detection of plant pathogens including fungi, bacteria, viruses, and nematodes in association with plant tissues, soils, composts and water. Complete diagnostic service using many different technologies for our customers to meet their rigorous testing requirements are provided. A&L Canada is also the exclusive distributor of AgDia diagnostic kits which provide in-field diagnostic capability.

A&L's Disease Diagnostics team works closely with each customer, from researchers to diagnosticians and growers both in the greenhouse and field, to provide their results in the most cost effective and rapid way while maintaining customer confidentiality. This diagnostic service complements A&L’s full range of analytical and production services for the Cannabis industry. These services include media, nutrient, and plant tissue testing along with Health Canada batch release testing.

To learn more about plant disease diagnostics, visit the A&L Plant Disease Diagnostics website at

Sample submission forms for Cannabis Disease Diagnostics can be found on the A&L website at Here.

About A&L We are an innovative, research driven technology company focused on sustainable development. Through leading expertise, modern laboratory facilities and strong customer focus, A&L serves a wide range of industries including Agriculture, Environmental, Food & Pharma -- globally.

In Agriculture, A&L provides comprehensive analytical services for soil, plant tissue, feed, fertilizer, and water. A&L’s services also include production recommendations, remote sensing and precision agriculture capabilities. A&L Biological Inc. focuses on research and development of biological compounds for use in agricultural production systems. The A&L Environmental division provides organic and inorganic chemistry and general chemistry using state of the art technology and methodology. For Food & Pharma, A&L provides analytical services for plant tissue, water, media and finished product. A&L’s services also include disease diagnostics, genetic analysis, production recommendations, and Plant Monitoring Program. The company operates two world class analytical laboratories serving clients throughout Canada, the U.S. and Internationally.

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For more information contact: Greg Patterson CEO and Founder A&L Canada Laboratories Inc. +1 (519) 457-2575 x222

Nevin McDougall President and CCO A&L Canada Laboratories Inc. +1 (519) 280-6830


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